UnoTech Baler 120 V5, conveyor KTH 1700

grupo ng produktoMga Industrial Baler
Tatak/ModeloUnoTech Baler 120 V5, conveyor KTH 1700
Taon nga pagkakagawa2009
Lokasyon ng makinaryaDeutschland
Mascus IDA8E810F4
Price excl. VATPOA
Gross weight37,000 kg
Mga attachmentHersteller unoTech GmbH, Niederlangen, Deutschland
Typ 120 V5
Baujahr 2009
Betriebsstunden 52.810 Stunden, Stand Januar 2018
Presskraft Hauptpresse 100 t
Spezifische Presskraft 145 N/cm²
Max. Schneidkraft 120 t
Presskraft Freistampfer 25 t
Maße Einwurfschacht 2.000 x 1.020 mm (L x B)
Füllvolumen / Presszyklus 1,5 m³
Theor. Durchsatzleistung 650 m³/Stunde
Ballenmaße 1.100 x 750 mm (B x H)
Antriebsleistung 2 x 75 kW
Anschlussleistung gesamt 160 kW
Nennstromaufnahme 280 A
Abbindung 5-fach vertikal, voll automatisch
Durchsatzleistungen bei einem
Schüttgewicht von 20 bis 30 kg/cbm bis 15 t/Stunde
Schüttgewicht von 35 bis 50 kg/cbm bis 23 t/Stunde
Schüttgewicht von 60 kg/cbm bis 27 t/Stunde
Schüttgewicht von 100 kg/cbm bis 44 t/Stunde
Ballengewichte 600 bis 900 kg, materialabhängig
SPS Steuerung (Herst., Typ) Siemens S7 300
Bedienpanel (Herst., Type) Siemens SIMATIC
Pressenmaße aufgebaut mit Förde
Iba pang impormasyonManufacturer unoTech GmbH, Niederlangen, Germany
Typ 120 V5
Year of construction 2009
Press force main press 100 tons
Specific press force 145 N/m²
Max. cutting force 120 tons
Press force free stamper 25 tons
Feed channel 2.000 x 1.020 mm (l x w)
Capacity per cycle time 1,5 m³
Theoretic throughput capacity 850 m³/h
Throughput capacity under operating conditions approx. 510 m³/hour
Bale size 1.100 x 750 mm (w x h)
Driving motor 2 x 75 kW with axial piston pumps
Connected load 160 kW
Rated current 280 A
Tying system 5-fold vertical, fully automatic
Throughput capacity at a
bulk weight of 30 kg/cbm up to 15 tons/h
bulk weight of 50 kg/cbm up to 25 tons/h
bulk weight of 60 kg/cbm up to 30 tons/h
bulk weight of 80 kg/cbm up to 40 tons/h
bulk weight of 100 kg/cbm up to 50 tons/h
Bale weight 600 up to 900 kg, depends on material
SPS controller (manuf., type) Siemens S7 300
Operating panel (manuf., type) Siemens SIMATIC
Baler dimensions built up with hopper 20,000 x 23,000 x 6,190 mm (l x w x h)
Transport dimensions only baler 13,630 x 2,350 x 3,130 mm (l x w x h)
Machine weight baler approx. 37 tons

4 pieces wire stations for a total of 10 pieces 500 kg wire coils (wire not included in the sales volume)
1 piece bale slider

Condition of the baler:
The baler was operated almost exclusively with paper and cardboard, therefore the low wear and tear. The machine has been serviced regularly and is in a really good condition, ready for operation and need not fear any comparison. Uncompromising quality from Germany with unique technical refinements distinguish this baler "made by unoTech".

The documentation (Manual, CE, electr./hydr.-drawings), are completely available. An inspection is possible by appointment. We will not assume liability for the given technical data and possible errors.

Technical data conveyor belt:
Manufacturer Unotech
Typ KTH 1700
Year of construction 2009
Driving motor 5,5 kW
Length feeding conveyor 6,000 mm
Length elevating conveyor 10,233 mm
Length goose neck 1,500 mm
Grade 30°
Effecting width 1,625 mm
Height of side wall feeding conv. 500 mm
Height of side wall elevating conv. 1,000 mm
Transport dimensions over all
Feeding conveyor 7,000 x 2,200 x 1,200 mm (l x w x h)
Elevating conveyor 13,600 x 2,200 x 1,500 mm (l x w x h)
Pit dimensions (Conveyor belt) 10,650 x 2,125 / 3,640 mm x 1,200 mm (l x w x h)

Condition of the conveyor belt:
The running rails, chains and the rubber belt are in a good and immediately operational condition.

Pit cover
Mga dokumento120V5_yoc_2009_en.pdf

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